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We create content quickly and measure often to accelerate your success and we put your audience at the heart of everything.

We make your audience think, feel, care & share


We are strategists and journalists with so many years of media experience that we have stopped counting.


We believe that all companies have to think like media companies to get noticed and create a lasting connection to their customers.


We are a full-service content studio specializing in everything relating to using journalistic content to get business results.  


We do content strategy and planning, concepts and production, operations and measuring across all platforms.


We are based in Copenhagen and love everything Danish but we are also Icelandic and Chinese so "hæ, viltu vera memm" and "成为我们的合作伙伴"?

Today's digital communication channels depend on content. You know it and we know it - but we all know it is hard to create great quality content consistently.


Don’t be like everybody else and do it as a second thought because you know you have to.


Incorporate it into your business strategy and do it well.  And get rewarded for it!


We believe in the great story. Your story - but always a story that relates to and moves your audience. Because in the end it’s all about them, not you.


We create content and concepts that makes people think and feel and ultimately care about you, your company and your brand.


It is all about creating a relationship with your customers and potential customers.

It’s about building your audience and creating a community.


We specialize in strategic journalism. It’s that simple.


We love journalism and its methods and we think you should too.


Everybody loves a good story and it’s even better when it is based on research and knowledge.


Give the people what they want and reap the benefits. That is what makes us different. We use our journalistic expertise to help you connect.

It’s all about admitting to yourself that the only brands making it 
are the ones with great stories to tell!


Mette Bernt Knudsen

Co-founder & partner


Content strategist and developer of content concepts

We are journalistic, passionate and professional.

We are storytellers and we think content marketing is a commitment to give your audience something of value. That is why we use journalism to empower brands and companies with relatable and useful content that allows them to consistently connect with their customers.

While traditional marketing tries to sell you something, content marketing creates a conversation with you. That is why content marketing is so effective, it just doesn’t feel like marketing.

We have a large network of journalists, vj’s, photographers, graphic designers, podcasters etc working for us – and maybe you.

Teitur Jónasson

Co-founder & partner

Brand strategy and production management

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